Introduction to Conversation I

20 03 2007

Hello SHOWGIRLS! Mika Loves You.

IF you can master this lesson you should be proud of yourself. The visual aid is a game. I happened upon it on the internet. For me it is perfect to explain all the bumps and surprises of attempting to have a HOT conversation wearing only your underwear with a perfect stranger. 

I apologize for the wierd script below. I’m not the best at this internet, cut and paste, moving stuff around thing. There’s got to be a neater way of pasting the link onto this Blog… but for now click around on the text that follows until the GAME pops up.   

<div style=”border:1px solid #5f677c; width:210px; min-height:54px; padding:4px; font: 11px verdana;”><a href=””  style=”color:#2e4b82;”><img src=”” width=”50″ height=”50″ align=”left” style=”float:left; border:2px solid #006; margin-right:5px;” /><b style=”display:block; padding-top:18px;”>Boneless Girl</b></a><br clear=”all”></div>

The art of conversation is like this boneless girl game.

Exercise your mind


Think of every ball as a new topic. Practice at home with friends, family, pets and most important in front of the mirror and record yourself. However remember that the subject matter may be a tad bit different once you are at WORK.

If you can learn to slide from topic to topic with ease and grace you will find that you have achieved smooth transitions. Your customer will be very entertained but let each ball be a happy uplifting topic. Nobody wants to hear a sob story!



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