Let’s Hear It for The Party

24 03 2007

istock_000000179842_l1.jpgAt 40 years old, I look like I’m in my late 20’s because I drink water while I am on the floor. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows that I hardly ever drink alcohol while working. If you think that you need to be drinking to make money then you have been led a stray!

Everyone who has ever worked with me also knows that when Mika is in the house- other ladies may end up on ‘break’! I rock it and get around like I’m on roller-skates. Now I am sharing my secrets with you. 

There is nothing sexy about a drunk girl. The Party is not in the bottle. It is in your mind and heart. If you are serious about making money- getting drunk and doing drugs is not the way to go.

People who are against you for your career choice have all warned you against the Party Lifestyle. We all know how that game is played and we also know it is a difficult one to win. It is hard to come out the winner if you are bombed out of your mind! Aside from that alcohol is dehydrating to your body’s cells. Dried up skin looks older than it may actually be.

Eventually a Showgirl who works 3 to 4 days a week and drinks to get started, drinks to keep going and drinks before going home, will soon look like the Devil’s Playmate.  

So what’s a Showgirl to do when she needs to get that Party on? 

1. Some clubs and bars make a lot of profit from the customers buying the Showgirls drinks. So talk to your bartender and owners and ask that they offer a Ladies drink.

Ladies drinks have been around for a long time. It is mostly juice with little or no alcohol. Most customers are aware of the phrase ‘lady drink’. If you don’t think you party animal will go for it. Explain that you have to work all night and need to take it easy.

If you are fun, you will still make money. If you have trouble being fun without drinking then you need to get to the heart of that matter by calling me on my 900 number.

What I will say here is that being a Showgirl is a job. Being fun is what makes the customer spend money on you. Drinking and drugging is taking the easy way out. It only works for a short while. Getting drunk with someone can not be the major attraction. The guy can find someone and someplace much cheaper to just tie one one. You as the entertainer need to provide a show.

Most people connect acting foolish and being a clown with being high. Clowning around is an Art. Throwing in a stupid human trick every once in a while doesn’t hurt but it can’t be the entire show. 

What’s a Showgirl to do to get her Party on without booze?

2. Learn some real jokes. New, funny adult humor is priceless. Men love dirty jokes. That is what men do together- enjoy adult humor.

Know this Showgirls: Most men love to hear naughty jokes coming out of pretty mouths. This is not a license to use curse words. Cursing and venting is not the same as telling a good naughty joke. One is harassment and abusive while the other is entertainment.

Hit me on my 900 number if you need help with your scripts ladies!



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