That’s Entertainment! Lesson 2 Conversation

28 03 2007

mysterymika.jpgA Good Conversation is more than related words strung together. An award winning tip earning conversation is a series of ideas, body language, and timing. Be mindful of your posture, timing and other actions while talking. So many women, I’ve watched seem not to know what to do with their hands while talking to customers. Unfortuneately, this leads to smoking cigerettes. Why create a bad habit? When I worked at the Harmony Theater in New York all of the brainy girls read books when they were not busy. That club was very dark. Everyone looked sexy draped in a faded armchair with a novel under a red light bulb. In a set like that, it was impossible to go wrong. It really depends on what type of venue your spot is in. Is it a bar, club, lounge, dungeon, or cat house? How much light is available? Most times it is best to interact with the people inside rather just sit and wait until someone who looks like they want to spend money comes through the door.  



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