Just Cuz or Passion- Conversation lesson 3

29 03 2007

istock_000000391044_l1.jpgOne of the most frequently asked question that you will hear as a Showgirl is…

‘ What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this? ‘

The only place I ever worked and didn’t get that question was Scores Chicago. Probably because that club is considered so high end, gentlemen are going to see the ladies as entertainers- period.

However if you don’t work among the select few of Scores then realize that you may be challenged with this question EVERY single shift! If you feel bad about being a dancer then it will show.

What so ever you say must be backed up with your gait, style, talent and education. Only being a pretty face won’t cut it. Men like to comment on your life, goals and mere existence. You must be able to swim in dark water with confidence.

So when a customer asks that question I prefer to answer in a way that leads someplace else.

Sample answers:

1. Dancing keeps my ass firm and legs sturdy. This only works if it is true. Cracking a beautiful pose and big smile will melt the tiger if the tiger is there to play.

2. Your fairy godmother sent me.

3. I’m not really here, You are dreaming!

I never spend time with customers who mistreat me in any way. If a gentleman is going out of his way to be rude then you should politely excuse yourself and always discreetly report him to the bartender or floor manager. This way someone will keep their eye on him for trouble.

 Some men may just ask this what are you doing here as a backward compliment. Be sexy and creative with your response. This way your stride won’t be screwed up for the entire night.

Remember in most cases you need to direct the conversation to get it started but once the guy is talking let him talk.

Generally I let this go on for about 10 minutes, if I have a good feeling, otherwise I move on to someone else who is more interested in me and is more likely to spend money. 

Never say that you are just dancing ‘cuz’. 

If you do, are setting yourself up for the Big Bad Wolf. When you say a thing like that you might as well finish the sentence with: ” I don’t have a clue about myself or life . Please eat me.”

So what if you are just dancing because you don’t have a clue and all you do know is that you need money to survive.

Never let them see you sweat. That’s why I am spending my time writing these lessons and that is why they are available for free.

If you find what I am saying useful, you can always tip me through my paypal account. This is the honor system. Dancing has been my passion. This is an art form. You are all artists.  



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