Hobbies ( Introduction )

4 04 2007

picture-003.jpgI’ve been dancing for so long that I’ve been back to the beginning several times. Every time you move to a new club or from state to state and a new club, you start all over again. Each place has its own style and rhythm. If you are to survive you need to be able to connect with your new audience.

Hobbies are an excellent way to connect with your audience. Like attracts like. If you don’t actually do the hobby but are interested enough to appreciate your customers enthusiasm-that will do. Learn to purr as your customer gives you updates on his projects. Ask real questions and pay attention.

After about 10 minutes of talking, ask for a dance. This may be tricky to watch the clock and Listen but with practice it may be done smoothly. If the gentleman is not ready, then politely let him know that you will check back later.

Having a hobbies can keep you very busy chit chatting in 10 minute intervals as customers stream in and out of the door.

I will list the all time 10 Great Man Hobbies of the Midwest

1. Golf

2. Music

3. Boating and Water Skiing

4. Travelling

5. Anything Computer

6. Photography

7. Cooking

8. Pool

9. Landscaping

10. Camping and Fishing

Aside from these you have your weekend warrior retreat guys and your drinkers and cigar smokers.

You will make more money if you have a hobby or two yourself. The fact that you both have hobbies is common ground. The younger the guy the more important that you have a hobby is.

Older men are impressed with witty, energetic young women. Young men are impressed with Super Woman. Nobody wants a loser for anything but sex.

Gone are the days of making it as a pretty face. The shock value of nudity has dried up as well. Everyday mainstream clothing is exposing and based on fetish. And everyone wears a hair weave!

So Ladies you need a hobby to work the floor as an entertainer these days.

When I worked at the Harmony Burlesque there was an entertainer who was always busy with her regulars. Turned out that not only did she have a knock out body but she had another gig as a fire eater!

Well we all don’t have the taste for fire but you can give something else a whirl. Make it your business to find something that you really enjoy. The more physical the better. For example swimming or belly dancing.

Search online for a class near you and sign up.

Until you find a hobby that drives you wild enough that you light up when you talk about it, enjoy the process.

Take the customers that you meet on your ride with you. However remember that you are working and only spend a short time talking about your hobby. Every 2-3 sentences flip the conversation back into their laps.

By definition a hobby is something you do in your spare time. For the most part people are driven by the shear joy of doing their hobby and not financial gain.

Hobbies keep you out of trouble and help keep your mind off of your troubles. This is a better way to stay perky for work than doing drugs and drinking alcohol. Accomplishment is a natural high.




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