The Dressing Room Ethics

7 04 2007

istock_000000293616_l1.jpgScores has one of the largest dressing rooms. When I was there, the House Mom sat inside the dressing room at all times. She had a counter where dancers could purchase last minute items such as thongs and eyelashes. There was also a well functioning toilet, shower and lockers.

A make-up artist was often on hand to help out ladies who didn’t have a clue about stage make up. At least once a week, a costume lady lugged in racks of gowns for sale. Don’t expect such luxuries in every club.

In my opinion it doesn’t matter what a club provides, the performer should have manners. Many clubs have closets that have been mirrored with lights. Sometimes there is only one chair and very little ventilation. This sardine can is their version of a dressing room.

Whatever the conditions, the dressing rooms are the only private place for the performers to prepare themselves for the shift. Ladies should keep these suggestions in mind while using the dressing room.

1. Open the door slowly. Especially if you are new and don’t know the dressing room. Sometimes if it is crowded ladies have no other choice but to stand behind the door.

2. Ask before you start pushing bags around on the counter. If there isn’t any space put your bag on top of the bag that is there in order to unpack your costume.

3. Don’t smoke in the dressing room. It is too small. People get burned with lit cigerettes hanging off of the counter.

4. Don’t argue with your boyfriend on your cell phone. No one wants to hear all that nonsense. You don’t look cool. Be respectful of others attempting to clear their heads for work. If you have a domestic violence issue, arguing via your cell will not get you the help that you need.

5. Get dress quickly and make room for others who need to get ready.

6. Throw all of your trash into the garbage. Most clubs wait until the end of the shift to clean the dressing room.

7. Don’t leave drinks on the counter where people are putting their bags and such in attempt to get ready. I throw away drinks left on the dressing room counter unless they have lids.

8. Don’t invite your girlfriends who don’t work at your club to the dressing room.The dressing room should be private. No one needs oogglers staring as they transform themselves into Goddesses. This may seem odd to some, but some clubs are actually bars and no one is paying attention to who is going where. This is a dangerous practice. Sometimes visitors are not so friendly. They come to steal and fight. Alert a manager if there is a stranger in the dressing room or bathroom.

9. Don’t count your money sitting on the toilet. Other ladies are loosing time that they could be using on the floor. You make enemies when you waste your fellow workers.

10. Only bring about 5 costumes and one pair of shoes. The less you bring out. The less you need to keep track of. Other things may be kept in your car. 



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