Showgirl Gimmick, Give me it!

11 04 2007

istock_000000251696_l1.jpgIt has come to my attention that many young ladies don’t have gimmicks because they are too young to know what gimmick is.

First I will say it in my own words and then I will give the dictionary meaning.

Gimmick is clowning around, you get to be the clown. For Native Americans the clown is sacred and he or she may do everything backwards. Sometimes sexual, sometimes opposite of standard. native american sacred clown and come back to class later.

Good. Now. This is 2007. I’m in Chicago nursing my 4 month old trying to help out you new girls out with a bit of game. Listen up, because you most likely WON’T  hear this from anyone else.

Club entertaining or stripping is Showgirl life at a raw level. Halle Berry has shown her tits in Swordfish. Trust me when I tell you that if you look like Halle Berry in a black cat suit (which I do, so I know!)

You little kittens will learn to purr all day long, and keep your batman in his cage!

Check out some ME T.V Batman classics are on all the time.

Notice how catwoman is still catwoman when she is disguised and wearing street clothes. Think ladies. You all don’t need to be catwoman.

1.Pick your favorite super heroes

2. translate the character into words, gestures, hair style, and walk.

3. Make your own costume based on the original or comic book version. 

4.Take it to work.

Guys will notice, some will comment, others will tip to express their enjoyment

I say Gimmick is playful, but the dictionary says ‘any tricky deceptive device.’

Old foggies, they are a bunch of haters!

To understand gimmick you need to explore fantasy and what is currently being done on cable and television. Pay attention how men folk around you respond to these hollywood stars.

7 of nine was a big favorite of mine back in the days of Star Trek. I got many fans and regulars from my interpretation of this already well known icon. 

If you display the character right then the men folk and some lady folk will be very entertained. Once upon a time there was a place called the Blue Angel on White Street in Manhattan, New York. It was right around the corner from the Harmony Burlesque.

I worked both spots. My name was Hannah back then.

I missed the Blue Angel when it was a hot spot for movie stars to check out. I heard it was fun and very nice money maker.

The ladies all had gimmicks and acts. People came to see the color, spectacle and wit that the ladies harnessed with adorned bikinis, music, props and stilettos.

If ladies learn more tools of showmanship, it would cut down on acts of desperation.



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Acting Tips

Interesting article, Thanks for sharing.

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