15 04 2007

istock_000000458620_l1.jpgLike I almost died when another girl came out of the dressing room wearing a short, red dress at Bobby’s last night. Turns out it was a good thing. Uncannily she served as the perfect perv decoy.

When I am trying to work. I make the most out of every situation. Honestly I was nervous about listing where I would be working on Saturday night- fearing all the weirdos would come out to see who this diva, brat, mystery Mika is.

Turned out mostly men showed up. Guess men are more interested in How to be a showgirl than women. Beats me, I just take the cash with a smile.

After about 2 hours, of getting my rejects, the other girl must have caught on because she changed her dress to a black, fosse shiny number. Guess she got sick of men asking her questions that she could not answer and calling her Mika. 

Oh, I know! I’m naughty. No harm done they all gave her 20! I should get a cut.

thanks to all my new fans, I love and am very grateful to all of my fans. I couldn’t handle everyone. However, I rather not tell the bar that I list my performances on my blog.

It is fun to make things happen. Bobby’s had a nice crowd.

The bar gets mixed press because the new owner has kicked out many of the trashy girls who were too accommodating- if you know what I mean. 

If it were up to me there would be 50 mini mes jingling around the bar. We would be a lot busier.




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