Smile – lesson 16a

16 04 2007

Smile because you like you

Especially WHEN you are walking around the club!

Men don’t want to see ladies with their lip all poked out unless it is to pucker up for some sugar.

The other night i was leaning on a lap when this other chick walked back. The guy whispered in my ear:

‘D—m! What she want to do? Fight me or dance for me!’

I saw her. She was doing usual walk through with a cigarrette and her street clothes on. I attempted to defuse the situation she had just concoted.

Women fail to realize that men only want to see Mean and Nasty if they are paying extra for that sort of treatment. (I’m talking about domination.)

Most men coming into clubs and bars for dancer entertainment are not looking for a dominatrix. That sort of thing turns them away from the spot.  



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