Tragedy Intro.

17 04 2007

istock_000000329735_l1.jpg This lesson is about when to be real. It is a complicated lesson and may be discussed further during a telephone session. 

First off I am speaking of world tragedies like Tsumani and the shooting in Virginia. I personally stay home from work when something terrible happens in the real world. Many customers stay home as well. Others come out to play because they have not heard or because the best medicine for them is a little distraction.

Some clubs can be difficult to handle if you call off. Some even demand that you pay your house fees anyway even if you are not there to work. 

I tribute my good mood and manners at work to the fact that I stay home if the real world is too heavy that day. However for others, the show must go on regardless of outside events. 

Now lets look at those other places of work that have methods for coping when they need to continue to work in the wake of tragedy.

Doctor offices might only have their own videos and music playing. This is an effort to keep the outside world out. Patients have enough to deal with concerning their illness that got them into the doctor’s office in the first place. They are already worried and overwhelmed. To watch a crime scene unfold on television, in a doctor’s waiting room, would be too much.

Not all offices observe this practice, it depends on the consciousness of the staff. The same holds true for bars and clubs.

On 9-11, I wasn’t working at the club. I was on my day job but immediately following the event, our club, the Carousel was closed for business.  The club was situated off of the west side highway near the west 4th train stop in Manhattan, N.Y..  It was turned into a place for rescue workers to take a shower etc. 

After the club reopened for business. Some loyal customers were not seen or heard from again. We assumed that they were killed in the twin towers.

Many women in this industry don’t realize how well trained they are in regards to theater because they are not formally trained. They have been schooled by showing up for stage everyday. They learn what pays along the way. Unfortunately they don’t realize how simliar they are to broadway, and television performers. The difference is that trained actors learn technique and vocabulary.  

No other working actor or anchor person has any less pressure than a showgirl. We all must hold it together for our audience.

If I am in contact with the public during such a travesty, I express my emotions in a simple fashion. The same bedside manner I learned in nursing assistant school will be extended to my guests.

Things that might change due to such events are music choice and costume for beginners. If you don’t have a good day to day script don’t attempt comedy during disaster.

Theater in all senses should from time to time reflect society.

Look at our Founding Flapper Mother, Marilyn Monroe visiting our troops. That was a different era. Being beautiful is always in style.

If you need to work- be compassionate and thoughtful. Dress your best. I would go with pastels or warm shades for gowns. Wearing live flowers look especially good in your hair on a sad, sad day. 

If you are a goth, stripper chick, rich violets purples and cremes are a wonderful surprise compliment to a usually all black ensemble.  




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