I’m in Love with a Stripper

18 04 2007

istock_000000274574_l1.jpg Love Games

The lesson for today is don’t get caught in the middle.

He may never leave his wife but she might come looking you in the ladies room.

This is a true story.

One evening, I was in the powder room touching up my make up when a ordinary looking woman wearing sweats came out of the stall. There were several other entertainers present at the time. Many were new girls, young and clueless to the industry. They did not take notice to the out of place woman. I am always on alert, paying attention to every eclipse of mood.

The odd woman proceeded to question us rapidly. She had a snapshot of a man she said was her husband. I made my way behind her and motioned for the other girls not to talk.

After she was satisfied that we didn’t know him, she began to rant:

‘ He told me that he was coming here for drinks but, I’m not going to allow it! He can give me a divorce! Would you all want your man hanging out in a place like this? What if he falls in love, where would that leave me? After 15 years this is how he treats me!

It was such a pop quiz that we couldn’t have answered the questions if we had of wanted to. The woman was upset and confused. She on one hand was appealing to us like we were all on the side and then in the same breathe saying ‘a place like this’.

Did the husband say to the wife that he was looking for love with a stripper? There is no way of telling what goes on behind closed doors.

On another occasion, a girl had to be removed by bouncers.

It was her boyfriends birthday. He had come in to play some pool with his boys. She drove by and saw his car. She marched right up to him and tried to claw his eyes out. It took two big men to pull her off of him.

That was really sad because her guy was very nice. He was always polite and often tipped us just for walking by his pool table.

This sort of thing doesn’t happen often but when it does, things can get ugly fast. Some clubs in N.Y only use plastic and don’t allow bottles for this reason.

Don’t get between a woman from the real world looking for her man in our world.      



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