The Money Still Smells like…

19 04 2007

istock_000000324376_l1.jpg  SMOKE!

Got ya! What were you thinking? Hey I’m an upright citizen. Get your mind out of the gutter.

The problem with making cash money is that you end up living from hand to mouth if you aren’t careful.

The lesson for today is: GET A BANK ACCOUNT. 

I can’t count the times I’ve gone from work to the furniture store. There have been times that I’ve paid my child’s tuition with sweaty, smoky bills.  

Try taking that money straight to the bank instead. If you are worried about taxes. Find yourself a decent accountant to prepare your taxes.

If you think of the money that goes down the drain because you are walking around with it at hand- paying your taxes ain’t so bad.

Many ladies complain about taxes when they have so called boyfriends who ‘need’ their money. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Some girls work to completly take care of their man.

That is not sexy. 

‘Boyfriends’ who don’t work. Shacking up with a dancer where she is paying all the rent. The worst that I’ve seen is a dancer living with a so called boyfriend in a hotel where she is paying all the rent.

Darlings if this is you, that’s not a boyfriend that’s a PIMP!

I’ve tried to talk to girls living in that sort of situation. It turns my stomach because it is futile.

If this is you, get help.

Find some way to get that cash to the bank. Get yourself a real apartment. Buy a puppy to keep you company. If the man gives you trouble call the police.

Being an entertainer is just like any other job. You deserve to benefit from your labor. 

A man that demands that you turn over your cash to him doesn’t love you.




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