Phone Sessions

21 04 2007


Phone sessions will be conducted using a 900 number. I will be answering the calls personally. The line will be open 15 hours per day, 5 days a week to start out. I would like for everyone to get a chance to do a person to person question and answer session before I burn out.

Gentlemen who are reading this blog because you think stripper diaries are hot- please don’t call the 900 number for phone sex- I’m very bad at that. I would hate to bring you all this way only to disappoint you. So dial a someone else for that service.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming phone sessions by studying the posted lessons. Hopefully we can stay on the topics in which I have written lessons for.

If I have written about it, I’ve thought about it and don’t need to waste time thinking of an answer.

The 900 number will be posted soon.

LOVE Yourself, be the best you can be at doing exactly that!



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