Smell like a Woman

21 04 2007


This is a lesson on personal Hygiene and makeup as a Showgirl.

Wash yourself well. This means all the cracks and toes. You never know when a foot fetish guy will walk in. Don’t try to cover up BO with spray. If you eat right, you will smell good clean. Always pack baby wipes in your bag for a quick freshen up.

Wear the correct powder for your skin tone. Don’t share make up and application tools.

When I first started out, clubs would tell ladies to go easy on the perfume. Years later I went to San Francisco to check out what that town had to offer. I was hired on Market Street at Deja Vu.

They didn’t mind heavy perfume. There was a very popular dancer that dabbed rose oil behind her ears, wrist, arm pits, g string. Much more than necessary, rose oil was everywhere. The entire club smelled like roses.

I don’t see how she got away with it. As a general rule, men don’t like to get lap dances from ladies wearing perfume or glitter because eventually they need to go home to their wives.

It isn’t uncommon for a man to ask if you are wearing color- stay lipstick. Some women attempt to solve this problem by getting permanent tattoo make up. That is silly because make up styles change.

If you get your eyebrows tattooed on in black, sooner or later you will end up with blue eyebrows. The sun will change the color but not the arc. Yuck.

Entertainers should always be wearing the latest styles, cuts and shades. There’s absolutely nothing worse than a dated stripper broad!

When you play around with your eyebrows let a professional do it. Men like natural fresh young faces. Unless you are strictly stage performance, pancake, heavy make- up is out.

Many cosmetic lines have free application tips. My personal favorite is Makeup For Ever. There is a beautiful store in Manhattan, New York on 12th street. That line is worth every penny. It works on sensitive skin, the colors are unbelievable. There is a full range from goth to basic colors to choose from. The sales people are very skilled. They will get you going with the complete showgirl set up. I LOVE Love that store!

Where ever you end up going to get your make up, be honest when you go in for your makeover. Tell the make up artist that you would like to hide your imperfections with the least amount of goop.

Tell the artist that you are an entertainer and what type of lighting you are working in to assure the best products for a Showgirl.

Try to learn at least two different styles of application. Minimum and dramatic. Mix it up at work too.

Keep your dramatic for every other day of work. Sometimes your eyes may become irritated by applying eyelash glue everyday. So learn to feature another part of your face.

Allow skin to breathe. Wash and moisturize your face before going to bed. Never sleep in your makeup.

Men like to see different styles on the same lady. However they don’t want to see or smell that lady on them when they get home.



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