Intro Music with Tommy Klein

22 04 2007

One way to gain respect as a performer is to gather information about everything to do with your trade.

This is just an ‘off the cuff’ interview with one of Chicago’s best Jazz Musicians and guitar instructors, Tommy Klein. He is currently playing guitar with Liquid Soul and teaching.

Liquid Soul is Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop band started in the early 90’s. They head lined at places like Chicago’s Double Door and the House of Blues Chicago and Cleveland. They have been the opening band for Macy Gray, B.B. King and the likes of The Average White Band.

I never knew beans about music. As a matter of fact, I may still go off beat if I try to clap to a song. So I didn’t do well in High School music class. Thank God, girlie dancing doesn’t require rhythm.

Well let’s get to it with Tommy K.

I want to know about Rock Music because I like to dance to little Aerosmith now and then.

Mika: Where does rock come from?

TK: That’s a big question. (Long pause) The origin of rock is the Blues, guys like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf. Buddy Guy played with the younger generation. Buddy Guy was a big influence on Eric Clapton

Mika: So it’s a bit of a time line. History is all about knowing time lines, I guess.

TK: Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy was a huge influence on those younger guys.

Mika: Buddy Guy is like 70 years old, right?

TK: Yeah, and he still tours. He also has the live music club, Legends, on Wabash in Chicago. It’s about to move to a new location.

Mika: What’s the deal with Legends?

TK: It’s a stop for who’s who in Rock and Roll. Buddy Guy is a roots connection man.

Mika: OK. So who followed Clapton and Hendrix?

TK: It’s a whole new generation like John Mayer. John Mayer is a direct descendant of the Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton Family Tree.

Mika: So all these guys are Guitarist. We are somewhat following Rock along the guitar family tree.

Mika: So were does Pink Floyd come in?

TK: Now you are talking about David Gilmore, a great Blues based Guitarist. Pink Floyd’s format was psychedelic. They were all Art students, really hip. Roger Waters is playing the United Center soon.

Mika: Where the beat of rock come from? How did Joss Stone get it?

TK: Europeans love American music. When you hear Joss Stone , you think American rhythm and blues not young British girl.

TK: Muddy Waters had a song: The Blues had a baby and they called it Rock and Roll… mix that in with some rebellion, some hormones and boom!

Mika:No wonder dancers like to use it.

TK: It’s not a style of music, it’s a lifestyle. There’s hundreds of resources like rock documentaries, the Internet, books. Find a instrument and find a good private teacher. Take a music history/ music appreciation course at your local community college.

Mika: well thanks for clearing up some of the basics. I would like to have you back to discuss more



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