Harmony Burlesque Theater

23 04 2007

I wish that I knew where all my girls were hanging out these days. It was so wonderful being a part of the Harmony. The trip to and from work was even exciting. I lived on Staten Island. The Harmony was in Tribeca on Church St. So, I had to take the Ferry into the City.

For a Chicago native, Ferry rides are a blast. There’s nothing like the excitement of docking into lower Manhattan. The water was relaxing after work. Most times there was a street musician aboard to serenade the passengers.

Weather permitting, I got a window seat to enjoy the seagulls that followed the boat. Wind, music, nature and skyline- life could not have been better.

Except for Chinatown. Oh how I miss Chinatown! I’ve been saying for 3 years that I’m going back to do my Xmas shopping. Sometimes, I stayed at work long enough for the vendors to close- just to make it home with my earnings.

There’s nothing that can’t be found cheap in N.Y.C’s Chinatown. The knock off’s are fabulous. Some of those styles don’t make it to other cities for two fashion seasons.

uuuuuuuuuk. I can’t think of it anymore. This is just a shout out and trip down memory lane.

Right now I’m thinking of Purity/ Ebony, Chelsea, Summer, Cara, Creamy. God Bless you all! Hannah loves you all and misses you very much.

I call myself Mika now.



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