American Woman

25 04 2007

Many of my fans are very excited about this virtual Showgirl School. I get offers for very creative positions they could fill. Some men want to be professors others want to be the fire pole.

Hey I say the more the merrier. I welcome a polite gentleman’s perspective.

Otherwise it could be argued that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Who better to say what they want than customers. So from time to time I will be interviewing men who frequent strip clubs and bars.

He was forewarned that all my inquiries would not be safe questions and happily agreed to be honest.

Mika: How long have you been going to strip bars?

Chet: let’s see I’m 40, so 19 years

Mika: when entering a club, what are your expectations?

Chet: you want a good bang for your buck, I want to be able to hold on to the lady’s waist at least. I don’t grope, but I don’t want to get ripped off. If the expected tip is $30 dollars then. she better not be a foot away!

Mika: what is your taste of women?

Chet: I’m like the United Nations, I like them all excluding fat girls, or old girls and definitely not old, fat girls.

Mika: What’ s old?

Chet: over 40 looking, I mean she could be 45 if she looked 30 ish.

Mika: What do you consider fat?

Chet: Rolls.

Mika: Are you married?

Chet: are yu married? Yeah, I’m married.

Mika: OK, so what’s your wife like? Is she your idea of a turn on?

Chet: ummm if I didn’t know her personality, I would probably get turned on by her. What’s this got to do with me going to a strip club?

Mika: because I want to explore why married men go to strip clubs.

Mika: what do you come in for?

Chet: to see some hot looking women, who aren’t going to annoy the living poop out of me!

Mika: so what’s hot?

Chet: nice figure, black, white, Asian or Hispanic. As long as I get some eye candy with personality, I’m happy

Chet: I’ll tell you what I don’t want…

Mika: What don’t you want, Chet?

istock_000000311150_l1.jpgChet: I don’t want someone who can’t carry a conversation, I don’t want someone who hates what they are doing. I don’t what to get bugged by a girl going: Do you want a dance? Are you ready yet? Above all, no needle marks, please!

When I’m ready for a dance, I’ll make eye contact with the one I love the best. Later doesn’t mean ‘later’, the majority of the time. Later is a nice way to say, I’m not interested. It would be rude if I said: back off, you’re not my type!

This brings me to something I read about a girl complaining because I guy told her ‘later’ a few times too many.

It was written in the comments of strip club list. Some girls don’t get it that the guy is being nice by saying: ‘ check back later.’



One response

27 04 2007

First I would like to say that Mika is hot. I have had the pleasure of one of her sensuous massages. I am married and I come for the candy. However I understand that when I enter the candy store there may be some candy that I would not like to taste. That does not mean the flavor I don’t like isn’t some one else favorite. Some times when we say later we do mean after I get a taste of my favorite candy then I can share the wealth….this is rare. Mostly it means I am looking for some one else.

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