California Girls , Character of a Entertainer

25 04 2007


If dancing was only about stage performance, we would only need flashy outfits and moves to make tips. This is a business of being the hostess with the mostest. The fact is 2 or 3 true entertainers, can’t carry the entire club. A fantastic bartender can’t carry the entire club. All the women working in a club should have their act together. Mind my words… ACT means act.

It is not an act to go to work and cry on customers or stay in the dressing room arguing with your boyfriends over the telephone. If you are tending bar, it isn’t an act to get so sloppy drunk that you can’t ring the cash register properly, either.

Some clubs don’t even trust that the showgirls have a good enough approach to greet customers. When I worked at the Skybox in Harvey Illinois, they had a required way of greeting each guest. The club had trainers to keep an eye on the entertainers as they circulated on the floor.

This may lead to a factory like sex appeal but men like it because they get what they came for- attention. This approach is very much like a Miss America Pageant. Everyone gets their shot at answering the same question.

The format or rule works because it is fool proof. All you need to know is the template. You just drop yourself into the existing slot. Ladies entering the industry don’t need to know anything aside from how to doll up and drop themselves into a cookie cutter mold.

So were does the talent come in? What is considered talent? How did we get so far away from actually being talented?

Our Founding Flapping Mothers were most often theater people who took jobs doing burlesque dancing to pay their bills. They brought their passion for theater, art, music, and costume to the stage.

Today you have women from all types of backgrounds and situations in this business. Many women need to bring home all of the bacon and cook it. They are from every country outside of the U.S. They share only that they need to make money. They don’t care about art or theater.

When money becomes the entire driving force behind entertaining men, you have the main ingredient for trouble.

Trouble is bad for everyone in the long run.

Trouble is unhappiness, depression, alcoholism, abuse, being arrested, getting fined by the club, turning tricks, DUI’s, living in a filthy house etc. I’m sure you get the picture and perhaps your own experience of trouble.

So now what can be done?

We can learn how to build character and take those characters more seriously. Realize that if you are working in a bar or club as an entertainer or stripper that you are in show business.

This job may not be seen as glamorous as being a soap opera star or rapper but the money is fan based. Clubs get their business from strip club ratings and advertisements. Ladies get their money directly from their fans. Clubs don’t pay entertainers.

As entertainers we are responsible for show fees or house fees which are handed over to the club or bar for every shift worked. Some clubs also track the entertainer’s private dances and ask for a percentage of that.

If you are going to be in show business you need to figure out how to stand out without making a fool of yourself. Think about your own dreams of yourself and what you would like to do with your life and build that into your character.

Who is your dreamgirl? What does she like to do? I didn’t say what do you like to do? Create a more dramatic character for your stage show. Stay in character while you are working. Be complete in your creation.

Your dreamgirl must have some personality. What is her favorite color. Where was she born? Does she have an accent.

Research your character.

Let’s start with your stage name. What’s in a name? Last week I met a girl named Teardrop. I was very disappointed that the poetry ended there. Aside from having a thought provoking name, she was very rude to me. Probably because I am a woman and she didn’t foresee any profit from talking to me. That’s the wrong attitude.

Think of your character as the root of your performance. It helps to develop your show business skills. There are many places like where you may showcase your talent. Think of ways to extend tour fan base. Stop thinking it is all about putting out. Sexy doesn’t mean porn star.

There are many levels that skillfully use elements of burlesque such as the Pussycat Dolls, the Suicide Girls, WWF Female Wrestlers and the Roller Derby Ladies. Check out their fan base! Imagine each one of those fans coughing up a dollar for you.

Sexy is witty, classy, dramatic, colorful, artsy, useful, well read and conscious.



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