Body, the Official Language

26 04 2007

istock_000000300289_l1.jpgThe best tip that you will ever get from me is for you to learn Body Language. French is sexy but you may never get to open your mouth if you pose wrong, walk wrong or smoke your cigarette wrong.

In most clubs the music is blasting and men sit around looking before deciding who they want to dance with. Some new girls might wonder what the guys are doing just sitting and watching. What on earth are they seeing?

Your first impression is your body language. Learn to communicate with your gestures. Realize that the guests are sizing you up based on the way you move. Your movements are not limited to your dancing. Watch your audience as they watch you. Make eye contact and smile.

The way a woman moves tells a man more about her attitude, sincerity, emotions, skills, character and past than any script or costume.

Some men are turned on by graceful veterans of the erotic stage others patrons like those shy new girls, barely 21 and scared out of their wits to be dancing. Every disposition in between is also fair game.

America Next Top Model does a lot to workshop how to convey attitude and character by using a vocabulary of gestures and movement.

Working it out on the catwalk is much more dramatic than being a stripper unless you work in LA, Vegas or New York. Men don’t expect a high level of expertise unless you are working a club that bills itself as such. However, some of the methods still apply.

If you are just working some hole in the wall, the patrons may be intimidated by a real diva. You may need to tone it down until they warm up to you.

You must find your inner diva without losing a connection with what you really look like underneath all the hair weave and make up. Otherwise you go crazy.

Here are some basics

1. Don’t slouch. Sit up straight with your legs closed. Legs may be crossed at the knee or ankle.

2. Don’t walk around carrying a drink.

3. Don’t talk with your hands unless you are making an exclamation point. Hands moving in front of someone’s face may take attention away from what you are saying.

Practice your mood expressions in front of a mirror.

Without sound… What is your happy face? How many scolding faces do you have? What movements can your eyes do? Eyelashes can aid this.

Play with your face in the mirror. Practice using make up to enhance these facial gestures.

Your entire body gets involved but work your way all the way down to your toes.

Tilt your head and work your lips into a pout. Include your shoulders in the dance.

Stretch out your body for a half hour to 45 minutes to stay limber.

Madonna is very good at sexy posing. Check out her H and M ads.



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