Pretty Woman, oops!

27 04 2007

Last night at the club, I knew that I was witnessing history being made as the Indian (new girl) ran a few circles around me. Men always want what they aren’t suppose to have. If Judge Dinesh Grupa would issued a warrant for actor Richard Gere, then what the blue, balls, blazing would he have to save about about an Indian in stripper lingerie?

oohhhhhh, this could cause a riot in Chicago.

Forget it, I not reporting where I saw her. Frankly, the place ain’t big enough to handle the man crowd itching to do the taboo thangy to her. Pucker up Jasz!

Now I want to get her life story. What circumstance has led her to break the rules of her culture by being an exotic dancer? Maybe she’s adopted.

All of us can be frowned upon for our career choice as showgirls but for her it is far more intense. She must be adopted. I got to get her to talk to me.This is going to be difficult because I gave her the cold shoulder for attracting the attention of my regulars.

I’m not used to having to work so hard. I took it like a brat. Every time I turned around she was taking a guy who was suppose to be waiting his turn for me, off for a show! Why wait for me to finish with someone else when she is so cute and off limits. Regulars can be loyal until someone else fascinates them.

let’s change the subject, my vulnerable side is showing

I just think that it is so odd how Gere keeps putting a twist on Feminism.

The movie Pretty Woman is like a fairytale for sex industry women. Girls are still waiting to be rescued by some silver haired fox after watching that flick. The chances of having that happen are less than slim.

Send me comments and let me know if you fellas would like to talk to the Indian stripper girlie or is this a big to do over nothing… just another media made frenzy?

Jasz is a nice girl, she let me use her very pretty woman eye shadow the day I forgot my make up. Actually I apologize for being catty right here and now. Besides, I was a bit upstaged by a woman whose entire country holds their woman folk in very high regard. If that doesn’t make her a goddess, then I don’t know what will!

Let’s discuss this. Teach me more. I want the whole story behind this taboo.

My 900 number will be posted soon until then, join the blog community and send me comments.



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