Cotton Candy- Intro to Themes for Showgirls

1 05 2007


I just set up the page for our showgirl school. Above is the simple, computer generated, psychedelic self portrait used for my profile. I could have covered all my girlie parts with cotton candy and then sat on a desk but, I’m not trying to attract a bunch of horny men. (this go round)

When we choose a THEME, we must weigh in who our target audience is. Who are you attempting to attract? I’m looking for strippers who want to do MORE with their stage time not women who want more done to them in this business.

Theme is the core of your performance. A good showgirl stays in character on and off stage. This means that you maintain your theme while mixing with the guest and making yourself available for dances.

Wikipedia defines theme in terms of Visual Arts as: ‘ the unifying subject or idea of a visual work’

Webster dictionary says that theme is a topic.

Watch your egos, I’m about to rip and Preach!

Just because you have chosen to be a exotic dancer doesn’t mean that you are exempt from having a theme!

Is there a such thing as a classy strip tease? Will men respond to something like that? If so, why would a woman show as much as the law allows for free in her profile for myspace ?

Hey I’m just asking about the logic behind all what I’ve seen on the biggest internet social network.

Getting paid is the goal but let us put so time and effort into spicing up the show with a theme. Perhaps if there is something to the show, you might get better more consistent tips.

Porn flicks are mostly very bad acting. The big deal is to get to the part where the people get it on. I’ve never done a porn movie. The idea sort of freaks me out. Now I sound like a square… frankly, I don’t give a damn.
I have met porn stars who featured at clubs that I’ve been dancing at. It was weird because they had visually, really cool stage shows that weren’t pornographic at all. Obviously they used solid professional grade costumes and many expensive props.

Why can’t all exotic dancers try doing that? Not porn movies. that’s icky.

My question is why do clubs think that only a porn star can draw a good crowd?

The major difference aside from these ladies having done porn movies is that each stage show had themes, light shows and grade A costumes.

Again ladies in this business should put a little more ART and skill into the showgirl identity.

Let’s turn to Mae West who was the Queen of quotes. How many times has a new girl used one of these lines without knowing who said it first?

This is all Mae West who was born 1893 in New York

‘ I believe in censorship, I’ve made a fortune out of it.’

‘ Good sex is like good bridge, If you don’t have a good partner, you better have a good hand.’

‘Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?’

‘Anything worth doing, is worth doing slowly’

‘Don’t marry a man to reform him, that’s what reform school is for!’

You don’t need to be a bimbo to make money as a stripper. You only need a great illusion. Sometimes I wonder if the girls on myspace are putting out or giving an illusion. I’m getting the illusion that they are putting out, but I’m a girl

Let’s try a have a bit of snappy wisdom so that we can hold our heads up high.

Can we just try being Sexy without looking like we want to sell sex.

ahhhh some days this seems like such a difficult job.

I would like to see some Sexy themes when we do our open mic night is Chicago. Something that couples can come to and have a great time. Is that possible or has everyone just thrown up their hands at being creative and sexy.

Has it come down to being one or the other? There is more money in being a bit of both, my darlings.

Maybe I should just erase myspace profile, the entire thing left a funny taste in my mouth.

sorta fizzy.



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