Old School Mistressing

2 05 2007


Six years ago, I sat on the couch at Pandora’s Box, in Manhattan listening as the receptionist answered each telephone call. She was tall, blond and foreign. There was nothing complicated about her beauty yet, she was so intoxicating and royal.

Her Russian accent was eloquent and firm. She wore street clothes on the days that I was there. I inhaled ever moment of it.

This my darlings, is the beginning of an illusion. It is word for word a true account of a moment in time as I experienced it. Yesterday, I was very unforgiving and brutal with my lesson. Today I will smooth over the lashes with a taste of my erotica.

Chicago and New York City was splendid in 1999. The internet wasn’t very big back then, dungeons could afford to be very strict. S and M had become mainstream but there were a few of us, old- school mistresses, able to hold on to our private dungeons. Slaves were loyal, living was still easy.

I’m skipping around to get to the good parts. Wait, I gotta make sure these years add up. I like to leave out the parts where I drop the ball. The fact is somehow I went from having a beautiful well equipped dungeon in Chicago to sitting on the couch at Pandora’s Box in N.Y.C hoping that I would be chosen for a session.

I sat for 3 days before I was even introduced to a submissive. That is an awful long time to think! After all, I was a Mistress accustomed to immediate gratification.

I had plenty of time to flip through the professional photo portfolio that each jewel had completed with Pandora’s photographer. It was an expensive requirement that per dollar, I wasn’t looking forward to spending. I’d waited until I’d spent my last penny to come back to work. Truth is, I was small time and didn’t know how to respond to the great fuss. So I smiled (a little bit) and quickly put back on my poker face.

After 3 days on the couch, I was introduced to a gentleman who had chosen the medical room.

I was ready to put my foot up somebody’s ass by then.

Give me a call to see how this turned out.

My 900 number will be posted by midnight.



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