Right Back at Ya

3 05 2007


Squirt! Sexy barfly improvisation is just like playing IT with a water pistol. The difference is you use your tongue.

Now that’s my idea of a work out!

Must see and study T.V is Thank God You are Here (airing Wednesday night on NBC)

I suggest this show to strippers interested in learning to be more tongue and cheek than cheap. The key is listen carefully and treat everything said to you as a gift that is golden.

All this Showgirl School thinking, made me want to pull out my sexy, school girl, fetish gear. It is difficult to say which part of my package is the winning element. I’ve added the layers as the years have gone by.

Why don’t you judge for yourself. Tonight I will be at Bobby’s Bar in Melrose Park, Il… Strutting my use me stuff from 7-10pm.

I like to do it in my patent leather thigh high boots- so don’t get too frisky- if you know what’s good!

After the bar, I’ll be answering the phone from midnight til 3am. Slap yourself 900- 787- 6642



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