Yo Mama is a Showgirl? What!

4 05 2007

If we don’t follow the stereotype of being some cracked out bleep bleep then what’s it like to have a mama that is a showgirl?

I wish I could personally ask Tracey Ross. Her Mama is the ultimate diva. I can’t sing a lick but I can talk a load.

Well we are super fun. Love it or hate it, I refuse to grow up. Catwoman move over, We are all Spidy fans this weekend.

Some theater goers are gonna get a good laugh when me and my kids show up all Spidermaned out.

Hey when else can I zip up those patent leather boots without attracting the wrong idea.

Somewhere in Chicago I will be the Super Spidy Mom with my six year old kid. Never mind the critics. Too long? How can Spiderman be too long?

What theater?

Webs to all of you- dress up too.

This is your most important casting call ….. your children take some time and play with them in a good wholesome way.

Life is hard. People can be bad. The world may be scary

one day they will grow up

and might get called to war

give your babies some fond memories

love them, protect them

Ladies let us all be our child’s favorite Super Hero.



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