To Be or Not to Be a Hooter’s Girl

6 05 2007

HIRING HIRING bold orange signs are stuck in the grass. A new Hooter’s opened up on North Avenue near 25th. I had to go in a take a peek.

About 10 years ago, I worked a week as a waitress at the Hooter’s on Staten Island. It was a lot of running around and crowd mixing for 1/3 the pay that I was used to. If I were to do it again, it would only be to check it out for you girls.

The restaurant is right on the side of the road and very easy to pull into. The parking lot was packed. I parked my car next to a little bug that had a bumper sticker that read: I’M A BARBIE GIRL!

Well a very small framed girl open the door for me to enter. Her innocent, sweet smile made her look more like Skipper.

The place was jumping. Everyone in the place was smiling.
I was shocked to see so many children. To my surprise Hooter’s is the new hot spot for dad’s to take their 12 year old sons.

Now that I know that it is just a family hang out, I can go there for dinner with the kids right after Kiddieland.

All I know is those little nylon shorts could not turn my booty lious ass PG13. I’d need extra strong support hose to keep it from jiggling around and falling out the sides. If I felt it moving it would be weird in front of kids.

My heart shaped butt is dangerous. Women even want to squeeze it. I don’t try, it is just a stand out ass.

Next week I’ll drop off my application and see how far this investigation can go…



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