Oh Andy, What Big Feet You Have!

7 05 2007

bow1.jpg bow2.jpg bow3.jpgbow11.jpg

Andy Warhol, I’m waiting on the world to change

Honey Hush! This lesson is about making reference to something that has already been done before and been received well by the public.

Many girls do surgeries to look more like their celebrity. There is big business in Vegas for Celebrity Look a Likes

but you don’t need to get the knife to pay homage to one of your favorites.

What happens when that celebrity falls from grace and you are stuck wearing their face? Do you go get another operation to look like someone else? Sounds expensive and painful. (remember muscle relaxers also make you constipated)

That’s a mess.

I say have fun being you. Draw from Broadway, Life, Art and Super heroes. This can painlessly be accomplished with the help of photo-shop, wigs and knowledge of history.

Do it your way, your audience will enjoy and appreciate your effort.

The images above are evidence of me playing with a photograph of me taken by Daphne Walsh- a Chicago photographer.

You can hardly go wrong with choosing to portray any retro sex goddess- like Betty Page. Men will always be in love with her type of sex appeal.

When I worked in San Francisco there was a vendor who sold fresh gardenias. On my way to work, I often purchased one to wear in my hair during my shift at the Crazy Horse on Market Street.

I was referring to Billy Holiday. This simple addition to my hair made me stand out. I also smelled great without having perfume on!  It opened up many conversations which was very helpful. It helps to have something to talk about when you are attempting to catch the attention of strangers in a new city.



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