Platinum Screamers

7 05 2007


Not even Spider-man can get along with a nagging girlfriend. The blockbuster had many themes and references. My six year old enjoyed it very much. I like movies that help to spur hard to start conversations…. hummmm how do I talk about it without ruining the surprises?

Ok. read on if you don’t care.

First off, I think that the critics need to shut up if they can’t put themselves in the view point of a child. Obviously they are all just too stuck up to remember what is like to love a superhero.

My mother was a screamer. She was also a red boned, hotty in the era of Operation Push. She took us to PUSH rallies at Chicago State University. As far as her men went, she threw tantrums all the time to get her way. If that didn’t work she pulled out her pistol. I would not lie on a dead woman- especially my own mother.

My mother was my first experience of coping with a nag. It is amazing that she didn’t end up in jail. Spider-man’s girl friend wasn’t that bad but she did end up getting knocked down by Spidey -once he put on his black suit.

One critic, I can’t remember which, complained that the dark spider-man never did anything really bad. I thought that he was pretty bad for a REAL good guy.

We are so used to watching horrific characters play out bloody, violent inhuman, things that good fellas like Spidey get mocked! What’s wrong with being so good that even a bad suit doesn’t have much badness to magnify.

What’s wrong with people?

One of the main reasons I became a dancer was to be in a position to make my children’s childhood better than mine. The cash money won’t do you any good if you spend as fast as you make it. Get a bank account!

Now let’s talk about the great Showgirl moments of the movie. They weren’t all that important to the plot but they were cool to watch.

How many clubs have those descending stairs to work? Check out the lightening as Mary Jane plays showgirl.

Yes it was long but it takes time to develop a character and show a pretty girl screaming and swinging from beams.

The idea is to watch Spider-man save people without guns and curse words. So what’s left? Swinging, flipping, dipping, diving and screaming babes!

Some of the unexpected references I notice was the pills- medicine bottles carefully loaded and placed on a counter and desk. Aunt Mae is on about 9 different meds. What’s her illness? I guess being old sucks.



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