Seriously Mean Mistress

9 05 2007


Last week I tuned in to the View just in time to catch Rosie, Joy and Barbara poking fun at the DC Madam because the Madam had insisted that her masseuses be college educated.

How many of you wanna be strippers dropped out of school? If I sound alpha bitchy, it is because I have two dogs and I am part Native American. I am not enrolled. There are many records to dig out in the south to be counted. I am pissed about having my culture kept from me.

When I was young (25) I danced to stomp out my frustrations. It made me feel strong to shed my clothes. When I threw them down on the stage it was because I didn’t need them to feel warm or comfortable.

So girls, what do you know about History? Me not much unless it directly has something to do with me. I’m a bit narcissistic even about that. That’s not nice but it won’t go away.

Knowing your History is very important if you would prefer to make your money smiling and dancing. Otherwise one thing will lead to another and you might find yourself looking at the ceiling most of the time. Think about it.

Your job as an exotic dancer is to be exotic. If your aim is just to be erotic it might sting a bit more than necessary.

Layers, surprises and depth make a person exotic

With this blog I can sorta see what a person typed in as a search to reach this Showgirl School. About two weeks ago someone searched: how- to- take- a- customers- money.

Now let’s think about this. Do you think B.B. King, John Mayer, or John Lennon sat around figuring how to take peoples’ money?

You will make more money if you cross train yourself. It doesn’t need to be a big drawn out degree deal.

You have several programs that last a few weeks.

Here are some examples: Bar-tending School, Massage School, Culinary School or any form of hospitality school. This makes you more valuable to your club or bar.

This also gives you something else to do if you need a Break from the entire scene. I’ve seen ladies take a year off and do something else for a while. It is also nice to have a real job that you can talk about, keeping nosy people out of your business.

Needing to dance 5 nights a week can be a real buzz kill. Where as dancing once a week can make you feel like royalty.

Tonight’s lesson is to keep yourself open for more training. Please continue to study other things. There are plenty of fake students out there. Guys can tell the difference. Men get annoyed after hearing the ‘I’m a student’ line.

Dream it, Live it, Love Yourself!

Goodnight My Darlings



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