Dominican Hair Salon in Chicago, YES!

12 05 2007


When a woman is happy, she is peaceful. All Women want to look good but Showbiz women need to have flexible options for style.


Thanks to the Santo Domingo Beauty Salon 773-645-1701, 3310 W. Armitage, Chicago Il. 60647, Chicago ladies can get a taste of Santo Domingo Beauty! Closed on Monday and Tuesdays.

I am blessed to be able to wear all my own hair. Some days I just need a clean, simple straight LOOK.

Over the next few lessons I will dive head first into HAIR solutions and be very candid about my own challenges. My hair is currently shoulder length, thick but thinning from giving birth.

With a 5month of daughter, my biggest challenge is time and schedule. I got spoiled in New York City where there are Dominican hair salons all over the place. Now I have found a Dominican salon in Chicago.


The beauticians work fast and it is possible to get your head scratched, shampoo, roller set, sit under the dryer, blow dried, and flat ironed in about 1 hour!




4 responses

14 06 2007

When I feel like giving myself a beauty treat, I visit Robert Lucas Studio. They give the best hair color.

12 08 2007

is it too much heat? will it break your hair off?

20 10 2007

that hair is very nice Mika I love you i want to go out with you so much

2 06 2008

What do you charge for a roller set and blow dry?…dominican style

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