Brickhouse Sisterhood

15 05 2007


Men love dominate women who stand for truth, justice and the American dream. That is why Wonder Woman was so popular and still is. The star splashed booty shorts are just a purk.

There is a timeless amazon fantasy carefully packaged in the first female comic book hero by the comic’s creator William Marston. Marston was a psychologist, feminist theorist and comic book writer. He was credited as the creator of the systolic blood pressure test which led to the polygraph.

The stripper cultural identity and attitude or baditude is a direct response to this Wonder Woman fantasy. Some ladies think that all they need to do is pull on the outfit and miraculously they will achieve fame and fortune.

Even worse some women think that they can become Wonder Woman without the sex appeal. The hero’s history proceeds us. Her sex appeal is part of her strength. If you want a hero without sex appeal, that is acceptable, but it has to be another character- not Wonder Woman.

My challenge for ladies is to take their own fantasy a few steps further. Study the history of the comic book Wonder Woman. Think about what our world needs NOW. Create your own version of Wonder Woman for your shows.

Now for your REAL life self.

Make a list of the things that you think will truly bring you a peace of mind. No matter what type of background you are from, black, white, Asian or Hispanic. Most women will put financial stability at the top of the list.

The number one reason that women work any job is for money. The problem with being an adult entertainer is that it raises eyebrows. Many of our peers don’t take a dancers earning potential seriously.

If you add these two things up you get an isolated person with cash money in their pocket. Add in the factor that many of us have come from dysfunctional house holds or are in bad love affairs… so we are sad and want desperately to feel better.

Without thinking we do the first thing that comes to mind that will make us feel better: Spend our money!

I purpose that we throw out the bad habits and attempt to feel better by doing something that will be better for us in the long run.

We must harness our Power.

At the end of a shift take 10% of your earnings and deposit it into a Savings account.

It is very difficult to save money when life cost so much but we must start to think of that 10% as a house fee or show fee that we Pay ourselves per shift.

It is worth it to pay the taxes on the income because if you try to hide it under your mattress, most likely you will pinch off of it. In the end, having nothing but a good time to show for all your hard work.

This problem is not limited to adult entertainers. The inability to save money spreads across the board. It doesn’t matter what job you have. Our society is very centered around possessing cool toys.

It is 1 am, mama needs to sleep. Please ladies consider my advice. I know I promised a Hair lesson but you ended up with a late posted Money Matters lesson instead.

Today I checked out a few financial institutions for us to develop a relationship with…

I am so sleepy

but the phone will be charged next to my bed if you need to talk tonight.

sweet dreams my darlings!



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