Suck This!

16 05 2007



Don’t you just hate it when you dive down, work so hard to please that you can’t breathe… once you finally realize that you must stop or you are going to pass out, you come up for some fresh air, only to discover that the entire room smells like crotch rot. That’s when you see that you are face to face with the fact that you might end up turning green!

Hemp activists have been attempting to draw attention to possible solutions for our country’s addiction to crude oil but they were laughed at and ignored.

How does the cost of gas affect strippers? Some clubs have insisted that performers lower their expectations of tips per dance to make a good time more affordable- considering how high gas has become.

The theory is that guys might need to cut down on entertainment to afford rising gas prices. There have been fears that everything from the ban on smoking and the cost of fuel will make men stay out of strip bars. I doubt it. Let’s talk about oil anyway.

Strippers, adult entertainers, and exotic dancers almost never talk about politics during a conversation with a customer. Revealing our politics is a sure way of ending up in a debate. We are not tipped to debate. We are tipped for being accommodating, sweet and cute. If a guy wants to have a fight, he’ll stay home with his wife.

Just because men don’t want to hear our political opinions at the club doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t know what the hell is going on in the world in which we live.

There are many things Showgirls need to focus on in order to get pumped enough take off our clothes:

Hair, breast, firm heart shaped asses to be grabbed and to be told which way to pop, drop, lock, arm strength to climb poles, limber legs to do splits, music, transportations, drugs, alcohol, sugar daddies, baby daddies, $100 show fees, $100 late fees, traffic, pets, pests and bills.

Somewhere along the line, ladies in this skin industry have lost the connection with caring about politics. Somehow we have begun to feel as if, whatever happens does not include us.

Democrat or Republican? The winners club will host some back door party and we will get paid to help them celebrate.

Big deal. We have just decided that whom shall ever, shall win the elections- we are going to find a way to make it. We feel as though we will dance our way to make ends meet and our children fed. The good ole boys always love it.


We are already outcast. We have chosen to sacrifice to make ends meet.

I think such complacency comes along feeling like illegitimate, outsiders of the mainstream and safe America.

Unfortunately being a bimbo is not an act these days for so many ladies in the skin industry. Some of the young girls don’t know that the bimbo thing was an act as far as the dancing vets are concerned! We only pretended not to be thinking.

Girls you must make time to add, Meet the Press, and the New York Times to your hectic lives. Your voice matters and your vote counts. The election judge does not ask for your occupation when you turn in your ballot.

Now that I have your attention, I would like to connect a dot.

There is a connection between the politics of America, gas prices, this country’s dependency on crude oil, and our tips.

Well let us attack the entire issue by becoming more informed about what our fuel choices are.

Many people are saying that gas prices are not going down if people decide not to buy gas on certain days. If you fill up your gas tank on Monday or Wednesday, it doesn’t matter.
On the other hand, if you get rid of your gas eating car or use your car less, now that makes a difference!

Gas price is high because of supply and demand. Research the Peak Oil Theory.

It will take time for the car industry to manufacture automobiles that don’t run on gasoline. Meanwhile the car manufactures don’t plan on going broke.

Publicly they are debating which fuel is the least harmful to the environment. What’ s going on behind closed doors?

Regular Joe didn’t take notice to the oil crisis until the pump price got so high he felt as though he had a hole in his pocket.

Regular Joe is just as caught up in his own world of trusting everything to be done nice and in his best interest that he doesn’t concern himself with the minor details of becoming fully educated.

Now people are panicking and coming up with these buy no gas days because they don’t want to pay.


Well the situation is much bigger than that!

In my hand I am holding a book that I purchased in Amsterdam called The Emperor Wears No Clothes it boasts on the cover to be The Authoritative Historical Record of the Cannabis Plant, Marijuana Prohibition, & How Hemp Can Save the World. It is signed by Jack Herer the author dated November 23, 1996.

Go to come back later and let me know what you think about that!


Suck this




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