Wives and Girlfriends vs. Strippers

18 05 2007

Wanna see a girl on girl mud fight? The Suicide Girls had a staged fight with feathers and pillows about a year and a half ago when they came to Chicago.

It was pretty cool to watch… ahhh, wait a minute I don’t think that was the Suicide Girls- it was another girly burlesque troop. So many shows. I was only taking mental notes back then. I had no idea I would need to recall who did what for blogging.

Girlie shows are on a comeback because men like to take their partners- partners are starting to see these burlesque shows as a way to get a peek into why men like strippers or burlesque

It seems that there are many people out there who google for information about wives/ girlfriends vs. strippers. I can’t tell what the question is by a few search words. What exactly do you want to know?

This sort of question is reserved for my 900-787-6642 line

Everything that I can say is based on my 17 years in the business. I’ve asked many married men why they like to watch strippers.

Personally I think that watching exotic dancers help men who think about sex every 4 seconds cope with the fact that they are not getting sex every 4 seconds.

I am not a shrink but I do have a college education and have been in the sex industry long enough to ask tons of men why they are regulars at girlie bars.

Wives on the other hand don’t have these sorts of candid conversations day in and day out.

Most guys feel that they can’t tell the truth about why they like strippers to their girlfriends because girlfriends will get jealous.

here are some quick reasons-

1. Men need Safe sexual outlets

can’t catch STD’s from lap dances!

2. Men like to see women naked, half naked and in lingerie- they want to see different women’s bodies other than their partners.

3. Men like to watch other men getting dances- Men like to watch sexy women dancing to please other men

4. Men like the anticipation of getting a good grind- men like the creativity from strippers attempting to get them in the mood for a dance. At home they are always doing the trying to get their partner in the mood.

5. Strippers offer major eye candy!

If you are having communication trouble with your spouse- you should get into therapy. Let a professional help you come to terms with where your needs for improvement.

Lines of communication may be opened if everyone decides that there is hope, love and patience.

Remember we only neuter our dogs!



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