The Otherside of Midnight

19 05 2007


White candles have been lit to make the living room warm so that I can scrap around at the good stuff stuck to my memories like homemade icing used to make ginger bread houses.

It feels like Christmas in May to have so many people hitting my blog to View my lessons. Thank You so much for your interest. I am humbled by the readership.

There seems to be many women popping in for information about wives and girlfriends vs. strippers.

I can’t write about that too often because this blog is really for all the alienated, young, girls in the industry that don’t have any guidance.

From the look of things I’ve turned into a Den Mother. Guess it is better to have someone rather than no one. I promise to do the best that I can.

Well greetings, my darlings.

Tonight, we have books to start our Book Club! I got the idea from Oprah who doesn’t seem to be very big on erotic dancers.

I always get the feeling from her shows that if she knew me, her and Dr. Phil, would say that I belonged in therapy for DID.

Maybe not now, but before I had this blog I was just all bound up in the head as if I needed to find my place in a world that isn’t  a real place.

Painting it isn’t enough, taking portraits of ladies who do it- isn’t enough but writing about it and having you all read  it in almost real time is way cool.

Okay let’s get to our Lesson…

Today I was speaking with an High School, Sophomore English, teacher about our little blanket in an underground world. I had two questions for her.

After explaining the nature of this Showgirl School the first thing that I asked her was if she had any books to recommend to you girls and she eagerly gave me a few.

Even though I was without my car today I managed to get to Barnes and Noble to pick up paperback copies of her suggestions. Get your pens ready.

We have

1. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

2. The Heart of a Woman by Maya Angelou

3. The Natashas – Inside the New Global Sex Trade by Victor Malarek

Let’s do this right ladies- let build an online community.

First start by picking up the books- I know that they are available at Barnes and Noble. Perhaps too.

We are going to read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings first.

You will need a Notebook to keep a journal.

It would be fabulous if you all were to join and blog your questions and answers that way we could share with each other our feelings about the books.

Wives and Girlfriends who are checking up on why their husbands go to strip bars are invited to read along with us!

Let’s forget about our differences and focus on our similarities.

kisses my sweets!



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