Cage Bird Singing

20 05 2007

How are we all doing with your book? Did anyone run out and get I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou? I’m finding time to read it and having a great journey doing it. Please Please my darlings, read and study!

This is like a free women’s study class. The class may not be for college credit but it is knowledge that can be used in the real world and in Our Industry.

At first, the only way that I could get any reading done was to read out loud to my children. Maya Angelou’s writing style is easy and smooth. The words are strung together like bouquets in the perfect flower garden.

Suddenly, we get to a place in the book where Maya, who is 8, is attacked by a boyfriend of her mother.

Before I knew it, I ended up pausing and having a short conversation with my six year old about how there are people out there who want to hurt children. I didn’t read the attack out loud- but took the opportunity to talk about watching out for these types of people.

It is not a comfortable subject. No one likes to talk about such things with their children. But, to protect our children we must listen, watch and talk! Don’t leave your children with just anyone is the lesson so far of this book.

If you were sexually molested as a child this book may pack a punch.

It seems like Maya’s mother was a bit of a respectable bar fly who had a lapse in judgement and left a man that she thought she could trust with her 8 year old daughter.

Read the book ladies so that we can discuss it. I don’t like talking AT you. This could be really cool if we industry women got together and talked about more than hair, make up and making money!

We should all be trying to raise our children better than we had it.

Walk carefully ladies and carry a big stick!

Have a beautiful Sunday.



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