Sexy Armpits

21 05 2007

Call me naive – it took a while before I realized how turned on men get by sniffing a woman’s armpit. The woman doesn’t need to be a stripper but sometimes a man is afraid to ask anyone else to raise their palms high and allow them the long sniff of their pleasure.

Customers have told me that their wives get upset with these sorts of request.

Also some smells don’t get better over time. There is more to having appealing arm scents than you can imagine.

ooooh I shouldn’t be giving up this bit of game for free but there’s no way to see that I know what I’m talking about otherwise! Besides I am bursting to share this with other women. I like it a bit too. What’s wrong with a world filled with more good smelling women?

mmmmmmmmmm m good!

I’ve danced for several songs in a row because a customer had an armpit fetish. I like to hear how sensual my arms are.

If you are an armpit slut- study my pictures in my Den Mother post from earlier today. Be prepare to compliment me on how glorious it is to see such bronze beauties reach for the heaven with such grace.

‘Heaven’ was my favorite dancer at the Harmony Burlesque. She had astonishing arms. Heaven’s creases smelled like honey melons and her backside jiggled as if she was pumped with fresh cherry juice. She was only 21.

Sometimes we would lay together on the couch that was permanent stage fixture and watch the other girls dance their 3 songs.

I nestled under her armpit and fell into the rhythm of her heart beat. She was my club friend- outside of the club everything about her remains a mystery to this day.

Have you ever noticed how much your body sweats when you are standing next to a person that you find attractive?

I think that that magnetic sweat is mother nature’s way of keeping us honest with our lovers.

A smile can be faked. Hi you doing honey can be learned but that sweat that starts at the base of your hair line and over flows in the pits of a woman’s arm- fold by fold is true.

If you are armpit slut or if your husband is one and you don’t know what exactly to do… call me 900- 787- 6642 / 2.99 a minute you must be 18

Well here is the number 1- 3 steps to your own special glorious heavenly attractive delicious hairy or clean shaved mocha smooth chocolate or vanilla cream colored slick stretched slightly turned out armpits

1. drink 10 glasses of water with a half lime per day

2. eat 1 large dark leafy green salad a day

3.Stop using those weird unnatural deodorants

I splash on Rose Petals Rosewater. On the bottle it says Pure, Natural essence from European Roses and popular gourmet flavoring

you can order it 1 800-862-2923



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