Soft as Butter

21 05 2007


This is my dog Butter and his alpha bitch wife, Ruby. Before Ruby fell in love with him, life had been very unsettled for Butter.

As the story goes, which I got second hand from his big brown puppy dog eyes. Butter’s behavior was deeply misunderstood. Like many of us, Butter is a victim of a bad childhood.

I am not a dog whisperer but I want to feel his pain and anticipate his needs. However, my linens can’t tolerate anymore dog piss. So, Butter must be kenneled when I leave the house to go to work.


People sometimes get these bright ideas to go into the dog breeding business without thinking about the welfare of the animals involved.

I’m not sure what generation of puppies that Butter came from but from his disposition it seems as though the breeder had grown tired of toilet training.

Perhaps Butter’s mind is just too inbred to pick up the rules. Whatever the case, I’ve had to start over with his training.

Butter can’t be trusted while I am away from my house!buttercaged2.jpg

FREE Butter! Donate 6 dollars for his hours of freedom

Call Mika and talk for at least 2 minutes

900-787-6642 / 2.99 per minute. You must be 18 to call



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