Real Life Hero vs. The Bank

22 05 2007

I have 3 televisions going to catch Wesley, the guy who laid on the train tracks to save a man in N.Y. – turn around and beat the Bank?


The man is so real- I admire his calm, cool thoughtful attitude of this ordinary man

I actually am more interested in what he has to say than the pretty models opening the cases. No that I have calmed down- they do look great tonight in the Hooter orange dresses.

Are they orange? My televisions suck.

This show isn’t scripted and the hero is a great storyteller

Pretty Black girl model case opener said that she cried when she saw that story- she says that she hopes that she will be crying today when he wins the million dollars…

Her voice reminds me of L. Ali from dancing with the stars

Humble and saying the Truth that our True heroes are the young men and women fighting our war.

Preach it, Brother! I said Preach it!

If you all got your book from our book club you would know where that line comes from.

well I’m stealing blog time. Momma can’t write tonight … got to warm dinner and fed that titty baby.

Mika loves this Black Super Man, I will hope he wins tonight.

Wow a dog that can dial 911.

Life is so cool. I love this sort of stuff. It’s real and good news

I also enjoy the models.


Unity- the supporters have on matching suits.

This show makes great use of stage space.

I would like to see it in person

oh my goodness I was screaming so loud in the kitchen for him to win

my son goes, Mama he don’t hear you.

he is worried about my sanity.

I really want to see this man win!

well he goofed

I would have taken the 305 grand!



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