Why Mika has a Hot WordPress Blog

22 05 2007

In real life on my down time when I’m just hanging out- I go where the tech heads eat breakfast and come up for air.

WordPress is like a virtual Wicker Park or what Wicker Park Chicago used to be before it was completely renovated.

My grandmother had timeless mother wit. She taught me that in order to make it in this ever changing world ‘a girl needs to learn how to keep company with people who are worth something and not good- timing- folks all the time’

Those being the exact words of a Buffalo, New York raised, black woman. She called herself black. She was more concerned with the fact that she over came blindness than how she titled her skin color.

When grandma found out that I was an exotic dancer she asked me try and be the best.

Anyway I guess that is why I am hanging out with a bunch of tech, software, computer cool people on wordpress.com.

Not to mention, this blog makes it so simple for me to write and upload my pictures. Any stripper could do it.

Love You Guys and Gals! Dolls!



One response

30 10 2008

Hmmm… You bring out the best of my intimate enzyme I have a good fresh joke for you! What type of fish play poker? Card sharks.

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