Sissy Fans, Pull Up to the Bumper

23 05 2007

Good Evening Ladies, this is Mystery Mika bringin news that sticks! That’s right, almost LIVE from the west side of Chi- town. Chicago for all you squares.

Girllllllllllllllllllllll. Thay were havin it on the west side around the park tonight! Some Sissy took his performance a little further than the men in cool white, summer shirts shooting craps could stand.

jiggle your lips and blow- lean forward.

I pulled up to the curb just in time to catch the beginning of the dance.

Wait. First of all, those of you not familiar with west side of Chicago, you need to know that the stereo speakers are on the porch pumped up: if you ain’t got no money, take yo broke ass home!

Anywhere else in Chicago the police will come just to shut that noise down. Not here.

This place is like an Indian Reservation in that there exits a code outside of the one in which the rest of Chicago walks and breaths.

People openly look you in the eye around here. I can see a man’s eyes from a block away because in many lots there is nothing in between.

Vacancy, tall grass, cars getting fixed.

Anyway getting back to this man who gave a performance and got yanked for taking off all of his clothes.

Before his fit he had the glory of doing his two step right slow in the middle of the street- cars couldn’t honk because he was too fabulous

He worked his lean, shiny ebony back like a belly dancer and it looked as if he had the light of the moon- globes of gold from the street lamps- was weaving around his slightest move

Now how he got his torso to make a lasso while his butt popped from his tail bone, I couldn’t tell you. I saw it just like I’m telling it

The cars behind him just drove real low, keeping time with the music like they were in a parade with him- not like they were really waiting on him to get out the way

Everybody loved him but he had to stop

A voice rang out from the nest of Men shooting craps: ‘Go on na’

It was a familiar seen the show before Go-
I wanted to go up an hug the Boy but his melt down was way tooooooooo strong

He wasn’t going to get tapped off like he was on Apollo.

He threw his shirt down

‘This my shirt…. I bought it!’

Momma’s got strong arms but his face was twisted like a mad bull dog

I had to think about my children

Somebody who knew him played Nurse.

Turned out he wasn’t alone

Now I’m giving it to you the way it went down-

If you come to Chicago and you want flame dance take it to Belmont and Clark were the nebulousness is so much more appreciated

Play Safe

Thank you for your readership when I come across some new news that sticks you’ll be the only to know.



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