Sexy Fetish Sissy Drag Stripper Dial 900-787-6642

27 05 2007

So You or Somebody you knows is either in love with a stripper or daydreams about looking like one. Call Momma Mika. I nurse trainies this seems to me, to be an epidemic.

Thanks to the low rider fashion trend, I’ve seen a lot of booty crack…

Jonnie come lately?

At the toddlers class new mom bends over and wow fleshy booty crack.

On the curb, sitter drops a straw outside the Starbucks bends over and wooo good golly another blast of ass with the sweet smell of espresso

I guess girls want to wear the jeans and don’t realize that if they don’t put on a thong with the low riding jeans then they are bending over and giving a free show. Even with the thong showing guys, are getting excited and it is still a free show. It is innocent regular Annie attempt at trying to be sexy… trying to stay in control.

Annie is saying with her untoned cheeks squishing, honey stay home don’t go to the club, see what I got… eye candy just like those strippers you paying!

naw baby, it still ain’t looking professional or cute… you just look half naked and attention starved. For you, it ain’t even about trying to make some money- you just want any man to loose his eye balls inside your butt that is spilling out.

Brother Man, on the radio was complaining how hard it is for him in church. Man said that it is getting aroused while he is trying to concentrate on the Sermon because in Church these days girls are pushing their titties up like the men should stick their tithe in their dress made titty slot. Wearing the stripper look to Church? Oh my! Now you know that ain’t lady like.

I know how regular Ann adds it all up:

First of, regular Ann has a hectic life with being a soccer mom- dropping off and picking up kids or doing that 9-5 job thang. She doesn’t have time to study fashion- she just shops off the rack which is okay.

at Old Navy, the Gap or the dollar store. It is quick and easy to find a cute top and trendy jeans but not get advice on what really suits their figure.

Back in the day when I was a salesgirl at the Merry- Go- Round in Evergreen Plaza on 95th street, we worked out to piece together a hot look for our customers. I started out as a holiday assistant to a top salesgirl and worked my way up becoming a top salesgirl. It was like you were shopping at a high end boutique and not a mall. These days high end boutiques are in malls.

The service uuuuuuuh. Sucks unless you are in Gucci.

Now Sisters who are reading this I’m not saying that you are slow- it’s just that ain’t nobody ever took the time to explain it too you like Momma Mika. Don’t hate just pull up yo pants! Put a safty pin in your blouse.

Honey child listen to my words- Men are getting distracted, looking and getting off- there’s no need to be walking the streets giving up a free show! If you want attention, get paid. Most clubs will let you work one day a week. By then Ann, you will be glad to put on some clothes while in the street. Otherwise wear clothes to suit were you are going.

Personally, I rather relax outside of the club. If all eyes are still on me that is because I splash color and use timeless vintage accents. If it is done right, people will look and enjoy. Building self esteem, by dressing in fashion is not a new concept. However, compliments come from every angle and serve the same purpose without showing your ass crack and embarrassing your children. Boys 10, 12  are  old  enough to  know  when  their momma looks like a slut.  Nobody  wants  their  friends  looking  at  their  momma’s  ass!

For serious occasions, my favorite style of dress is Jackie O. When I thrift shop. I look for anything that I think that she would have worn. I like to look like a respectable lady when I am in the streets with my children.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to my mentor Carl Wright and wore my version of Jackie O. to the services. I was so sad to see that showman go. There is never enough time to learn all there is to learn from a mentor. I will do a separate blog about Mr. Carl Wright whom I loved like family. I’m just making an example here.

Anyway back to my trash talking.

The other day I went under the bridge into Skyscraper Heels on Belmont and got a lovely view of an ordinary Sue before any drag art.

She didn’t wear it out and it was quiet as she walked out of the shop

cough, nobody sees you creeping or expects a vixen to power up

Maybe she is like me a dancer soon to be hot phone sex operator. My 900-787-6642 line is ready for more sizzling phone sex all

on the floor

Imagine me using pigtails as I walk on your back

hold on I got some more, it sounds better when I read this

popping out of those dark places

meet her in the shadows

hear it

She drives her body in the daylight like a plain Jane

Jane works a cashier in the grocery store check out

After all her hard work she wants to play hard

Everybody is a star in this comic book

Ordinary Sue daydreams about being tall

In a vanilla hot black bitch kinda way

wearing a custom shoe maybe poka dots

Her inner bedroom pussycat doll spied a way to blossom

So she went to talk to Gary on Skyscraper Heel

and like a fairy godfather he knew exactly what to do

I said Papa, you mean to tell me that sweet woman is a rollin stone

and wanted a pair of stripper shoes?

Well he said with a smile, like tony tiger baby spider sit down beside her kinda way

in the right make up and a little attitude- hell yeah!

Anybody can become a star

to apply this to your way of thinking call me

talk and tip momma $20 so she keep turning you on some real shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

It is loud and divine coming to you live from

Chi- town

wild wild west side

put your left foot out

and jump pp p

back up

cha cha ha

turn to the right

and down

wiggle it and call so that I can tell you to stretch it out

house wives learn how to give a strip show at home

walk it out.

go head.

shake yo booty to the phone
I’ll have you stripping and yo man tripping on how

beautiful you are

the neighbors will be shaking talking about the naked broom against the wall

want you gonna do?

think you can handle it

do it if you want

call me now or tomorrow

slap that.


do it some more

slap that.

This is for you and your man in your bedroom baby!



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