Alopecia Billy or Hairless is Sexy

29 05 2007


Billy, oil stick on canvas, 16 x 20

There have been several eccentric, exotic and extraordinary ladies that have been an inspiration for the portraits that I now paint from memory.

Billy has a long herstory. Perhaps when I am not attempting to type with one hand and cradle a sleeping baby in the other, I’ll tell it to you.

This morning on the View, Barbara and Whoopi talked about porn and women who shave.

I think that women shave in porn so that there routine can be seen better by the camera.

As far as strip clubs go, there are obscenity laws in affect about pubic hair showing. In a topless bar, your butt and crotch must be covered. This pertains to your vagina outer lips.

Now if the lady is shaved then the costume can be cut very small and low to the crotch without breaking the obscenity law. If the lady happens to show pubic hair then it may be perceived as lewd behavior subject to fine and arrest.

So some dancers just shave off all the pubic hair so not to bother with how much is covered!

The other fact about pubic hair is that it traps odor. It is a hard selling point unless the crowd all have panty sniffing fetishes.

At a rate Alopecia Billy doesn’t need to worry.



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