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14 06 2007

Showgirl facts and news keep charming the downtrodden masses whether or not I blogged. My fingers were beginning to cramp. I deserved a break. So for once in my life, I just watched the world turn and kept my mouth shut. It was wonderful being absolutely blank for 2 weeks!

This is my favorite 5 things that happened during my blog vacation.

5. Miss America fell at the Miss Universe Pageant.

In the vacancy of my self inflicted fog, for a moment, I was tempted to crawl to the computer and write a Smile lesson 2b in response to the fact that the bronze beauty kept on smiling even though she tripped in the seam of her own gown. If that wasn’t enough, Miss America was booed due to America’s immigration policies. She kept on being a delicate, understanding lady… smiling and being beautiful all the way to the top 5. That is show-womanship!

I almost got up from my slump to write a post… but nah.

4. Rosie had another fight on the View with prego Elizabeth. Rosie could be nastier but Elizabeth is pregnant. Ladies, we all know that we perceive things differently when we are puffed up with those pregnancy hormones.

Oops fooy, Elizabeth thought the war was a good idea way before she was pregnant! Well only time will tell. Like say, for example, Elizabeth gives birth to a blond and blue boy who falls in love with her every move, (hangs on his mum Elizabeth’s every word past and present). So this son watches every rerun of the View and by the ripe age of 18 is excited to join the military which is by that time in desperate need of fresh soldiers because by then we have been to war with everyone!

Let’s see if Elizabeth thinks the war is such a great idea then. ahhhh just go shopping Elizabeth, puff and sweat it is bound to be a hot summer.

3. Rosie O’Donnell and Cyndi Lauper teamed up in Chicago for an concert at the Auditorium theater to bring awareness to Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. I wasn’t on the any VIP list but I heard that it was a packed house.

I got all my info from Tommy Klein who found himself standing next to Cyndi and Rosie near the dressing room as they joked around.

What can I say, besides that I would have gotten out of bed for that concert if I’d been invited to be an arm piece or mouth piece. HA.

I’m nearly a fan, I watched the View just to study Rosie’s banter. Somehow I managed only to refer to the View every once in a while on my blog. I don’t want to be known as the stripper bitch that watches the View but I do like to study how the pros do it! Talk Talk Speak Say What Exactly Current and on THeir MINDS.

So many people go to therapy to learn how to communicate what is on their minds. The broads on the view get paid to talk about their feelings, charities, other people news and the President. I want in on that game. Hey it beats the hinney out of grinding with my narrow black ass and having to stop if the police walk in. Hello! I’m just keeping it real.

2. Paris popped in and out of jail. The camera followed and late night comedians joked. Didn’t anybody learn anything from Anna Nicole Smith. Those sort of celebrities are rich but fragile. I hope the poor/rich confused thing doesn’t hang herself in jail. Maybe she is just doing it for the hype and perhaps she is planning to make goo gops of money off of her jail memoirs and maybe not- maybe she has some sort of ‘condition’. We shouldn’t make fun of her now that she is in jail.

There is a such thing as privacy. Some things should be private when you live in the public eye. Just as the Princes are attempting to keep the final moments of Princess Diana’s life private… everyone wants to see the show… what show? The woman is dying. You know what happens… why do we want to see? See Paris cry and watch a true Princess die.

Go watch a stripper for Pete’s sake if you want to get off!

and the number 1 thing that happen during my blog vacation is … drum roll please!

1. I got paypal linked to this blog! Look at the header under donations & support at the top of the front page. I know that it needs to be bigger. A little envelop is better than no envelop!

In the end it is all about what I need. I’m not a saint, not even close… I’m just telling it like I see it. Alive inside living the life of the hood rich and infamous.

Loud and clear  from the west side of Chicago… stripper news and views… what to wear, and where to shake what yo momma gave you… but game ain’t free so please rub a couple of dollars my way so that I can keep on giving it to you real tight.

paypal is the only friend that I need.



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