Full Gauntlet

17 06 2007

Within 15 minutes from O’Hare Airport there is a traveling man’s strip dream. Mannheim Road offers a range of gentleman or not so gentle-men’s trigger hot spots.

At Lake Street there is SCORES -valet park, unwind first class, next is the Play Pen… sorry no valet but easy to park and keep an eye on your Harley… Carl’s Grill… I’ve only been there for parties but they are open til 4am… last but not least there is Bobby’s Bar which is actually in the mall at North Ave. and Mannheim plenty of free parking since it is a mall.

Now F.Y. I all you daredevils who like to drink and drive- Melrose Park, Stone Park, Bellwood and Franklin Park are not having it! You will be pulled over. It doesn’t matter how fancy your car is- if you are drunk these coppers will sense it.

The speed limit changes 3 times within 2 or 3 miles. So if you aren’t alert stay put. Don’t try their system. You will loose!

If you are coming to Chicago or just out for a party, get a room at one of the hotels along the Mannheim Road strip.

All of the bars and clubs are happy to see that a taxi is called for you. After all, Chicago is a big small town. We are friendly in a sensible sort of way.



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