What the Fuss?

19 06 2007

If you are looking for a super freak, Shame on you!

If you find a picture of me on the internet with a tongue up my ass, Shame on me!

Actually I’m just a sexy mom trying to make it through all the busy hoops just like you

Shame on us for having too much all American stuff

What the fuss?

That one is for you Stevie Wonder for being such an inspiration even though I write dirty dirty stuff-

I saw Stevie Wonder on Oprah this morning. Iman, Naiomi Campbell headed make overs. It was fun. The super models looked beautiful.

The two should team up and do something with Miss New York from MTV’s I Love New York. What is going on with her? She is a hot mess! Her make up is way too heavy. Her clothes are hoochy. The entire team should be fired.

That I Love New York Show is everything that I hate being crammed down our young peoples throat about what sexy is.

Sexy is as sexy does. Beauty starts from the inside. You can’t hide your soul with make up. Just because a girl shakes her ass for a living doesn’t mean she needs to be an ass wipe.

Momma Mika has spoken. more later

I’m off to see Rise of the Silver Surfer

Jessica Alba graduated High School at 16. Beauty and Brains.



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