Cheers to Your Health

21 06 2007

Here is a little spoken word that rolled off my head after deciding not to get any color to cover up my 7 gray strands. Perhaps if my face didn’t look so young and my ass wasn’t still so tight, I might think differently about growing older…

This one for the grannie strippers!

When i lay down my burdens at the foot of a rocking chair

ahhh may it be sweet

with rainbows of laughter beckoning me to stay a little longer

blue grass on the meadow

‘tell that one again, grandma!’

This is when…

grand children great granchildren

mild mannered, fast, clever

say silly things but I’m not in a hurry

may the littlest one

shine like a star

milky way of promises, thin as they are

There will be time to count make believe ochies

It is a new day after my hair turns gray

a new start

after the petals- come the frost



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1 08 2007
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