How to Make Money as A Stripper – lesson 2

21 06 2007

I have a very unique approach to the exotic dancer industry. My formula involves a lot of soul searching, research, study and writing. It isn’t for everybody.

Most people in this industry are looking for the quick buck. They would rather shit pizza oil than find the patience to study anything.

You will make more money if you find something you like that is popular within your ilk to study. It could be the Beatles or rose gardening. It works better if you find something with a male following.

Men like jokes about sex. If you can work on jokes related to your hobbies and interest and give it a sexual overtone, you can be very entertaining. The money comes when you are entertaining.

Talk is so cheap. So don’t just do that. Talky about everything make believe doesn’t make for good entertainment. Men aren’t as silly as the seem.

The other night another veteran dancer had a good hard laugh at a very young lady who had just started working. I got it second hand and under a belly aching laugh- but it went something like this:

Vet: How’s it going?

New Girl: it’s alright, I just got my PhD.

Vet: that’s great! in what?

New Girl: Medical Assistant.

From there I think the veteran dancer just laughed and made faces.

The Vet pulled me aside and asked me what I thought.

Vet: Does she think I’m stupid?

Mika: nawwl, that baby just don’t know any better.

So what if this bimbo walks around telling customers the same line?

She might as well sew a boa to a dunce hat… in other words hop onto the auction block. She has just sold herself into slavery… going once, going twice,  sold to the man with red hot hepatitis C poker!

Men like women who are Sexy. Smart doesn’t mean intimidating. It is sexy to know your way out of a cardboard box.

Ladies in every industry need to be flexible and able to look out for themselves.

Getting an education is one way of looking out for yourself. Sugar Daddies are not all that they are cracked up to be. Believe me, when I say a man that is paying for everything has you on a short string. Eventually you will hate him as much as you hated the home you grew up in.

Economics is the reason for most war. The dominate personality wants to control the purse strings in our American little pink houses. As for the wives it comes down to how much fucking are they willing to do.

It is also the reason why women are marrying themselves.

A man worth attracting will appreciate you for having a head on your shoulders.

Men who don’t appreciate you are not worth the trouble or the dollar that they hold to that you want for your G-string.

Attempting to appeal to everyone taste will drive you insane. You will loose sight of your core. The next thing you know, you will be walking around looking like a daisy with its’ center cut all the way out.

Now I work at bar but I’ve spent years at clubs on stage and it is the same program.

Picture this.

You have a hot stage show, a customer tips you 20 while you are on stage performing so you remember him and go up to him after you have finished with your stage show.

Stick to being a lady. Poise and attentive. Introduce your extending the back of your right hand.

Lately there have been more men out who would like to spend time talking before having a private dance (probably due to gas prices). This is where a young lady can run into trouble and loose the catch after he has bitten the bait.

So crazy girls if you think that you can make it without having some other real asset – go ahead.

I’m going to tell you what will happen. You are going to get fucked and eaten alive. Strange men are going to cum in your mouth and hair.Your soul is going to peeled off layer by layer until you can feel every climate change. You are no match for these horny men unless you have your head on tight.

Find yourself with your dancer image. If you are young say what you will like to be… for example, I would like to be a Medical Assistant. Talk about why. Then ask if the guy wants a dance.



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22 06 2007

i love this article. i am gonna post it in the club i work. or give it to the girls that i like. thankyou so much

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