Pool Shark-Funny Sexy Cartoons by Mika

27 06 2007

Welcome to Summer Stripper School! During the sizzling hot days ahead I will chime in with the Vagina Monologues and introduce the players in my Dirty Shame Comic Opera.

Hopefully the kinky doodles will sharpen your awareness of varied social /political issues AND keep you entertained.

well let’s get to it. I call this one BEYOND Jaws for all you kinky animal lovers out there in web sea.

Have you heard the one about the guy who is bringing awareness to Shark Fining?

Rob Stewart is so much cuter than Rod Stewart ever was. He looks gorgeous all set to dive in with his scuba gear on. Go check out Sharkwater to see what Mika’s idea of a sexy man is.

‘Guys don’t really care for the most part what women find sexy,’ says one stripper chick.

‘Men think that it is the same for us to get turned on as for them!’ says another stripper polled.

Well I fantasize over gentle, conservationist type of men. I want to think that once the guy gets done making love to me he will stomp off to save some corner of the world.

This is a good lesson for sissies. Learn to think like a woman.

Even though we are land mammals let’s try to think like a fish too! I know there are a few men out there who would get as Fishy as possible so why not give those Sharks a break.

Who could think that cutting off a shark’s fin and then dumping that shocked bleeding and finless shark back into the ocean is a good idea? Just to make shark fin soup?

Who would think that sitting spread eagle on a pool table is one way to make use of things in a room.




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