Domestic Violence is not Flattering

30 06 2007


The other day, a regular customer of mine tipped me to give his female guest a show. At first I was surprised that he wanted me to hang with her. I didn’t know why he was sending me over to this 25 year old, straight, girl baby’s lap but- I accept most good natured challenges.

For the sake of her privacy, I will refer to her as ‘Peggy’.

Peggy was all giggles as I began to work my mo joe. She had done several shots of dark liquor and didn’t mind answering my questions. I interview everybody who will play along.

The running topic with her and the posse that she came with was already on the table. So I figured that I would try going deeper into that subject.

None of her friends liked the her fiance. They had brought her out to talk some sense into her.

‘So Peggy, why don’t these guys like your beau?’ I asked as I leaned toward her oval face.

‘Oh, he’s an ass but he is a good provider.’ She answered back.

‘What do you mean by he’s an ass? What does he do? I pressed in further.

Her flesh was buoyant. It felt as though life floated around her young limbs.

Youth has a way of retaining water and making the skin glow.

‘He beats my ass,’ she chirped.

The sound of her voice didn’t match the seriousness of the subject.

‘H e is a good provider though and my kid loves him,’ she added as if she wanted to explain why she was still with him.

If he beats you he isn’t good for you. I dropped my bimbo tone and tried to make eye contact with her soul.

Her eyes were as vacant as a virgin. She seemed not to comprehend the depth of the situation that she was in.

‘ Oh he is unbelievable, he follows me and demands to know my every move.’

‘ He could kill you. Behavior like that is not a joke and you should not be flattered by it. If he is hurting you now, it may only get worse,’ I said.

With that I released her palm that I had been caressing and said thank you.



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