Tickle Mika with Wonder Woman

1 07 2007

That’s it I donning my version of the Wonder Woman Suit for the 4th of July. A star spangled eye mask just won’t do the trick this year. I need the full drag. My little dogs will get done up too. Look forward to pictures that will be posted under Sexy Girls with Dogs.

I know that DC’s WW didn’t have a dog. Well Mika has 2 dogs and before long they will become part of my online presence! Hold tight.

So here I am up at 3 am researching the development of the Wonder Suit. I found a well done websites that followed the television show. There were over 100 photographs of Linda Carter in her Wonder Suit. Ahhhhhhh her smile is so wholesome. What a great poser. I mean model.

Mika is a huge Linda Carter fan.

Time to do my own spin and interview myself.

CY: Why do you like Wonder Woman so much, Mika?

Mika: So much bad news has headlined don’t you just wish that Wonder Woman was on the case of Britain’s terrorist bomber. She could end the war with her truth lasso and invisible plane.

CY: What is your favorite version of the red bodice?

Mika: I like the detailed gold eagle. When I make mine for work it will have an eagle not doodle lines.

CY. What length of hair do you think works best on WW?

Mika: Linda Carter looked sweet as a young wonder woman in the bob. Her face was full. Almost baby fat cheeks. As the seasons past, she grew up and her hair got longer making her look strong and sexy. That’s one of the things I like about Wonder Woman- she ages slow and gracefully. In the ends she triumphs and becomes a god! Isn’t that cool?

CY: Mika, you are such a Bimbo with Brains.

Mika: Linda Carter said to E.T. that she thinks that there is a Wonder Woman in all of us. Nurturing our children exhibits Wonder Woman spirit. She suggests that we should concentrate on being good to the people who love us and the people we love.

I say if we all did that we could end shooting deaths of children due to gang violence. It breaks my heart to hear of another young life abruptly ended- caught in the mist of cross fire.

If I had magic bracelets I would repel those bullets.

CY: In real life it is a bit harder than that. As a fantasy art character that only can exist online and at a lingerie bar, what do you think can be done for real to make the real world a better place?

Mika: People should become vegetarians, drink more water, mediate, do yoga, exercise, read more, talk softer, get acupuncture, do sauna rounds, stop eating MSG, stop drinking so much caffeine, recycle, and learn to talk about there feelings in a constructive way. Start with that.



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