That Booty Trick or How Big is Your Gun?

13 07 2007

istock_000000283388_l1.jpgNeedless to say most of the men that I meet would like to show me their gun. These same guys also credit their will to survive for improving their aim. After listening to President Bush’s News Conference yesterday morning, I decided to blog my solution to end the war on terror and secure our country pursuit of happyiness. (not a misspelling but a reference to the last Will Smith movie)

The debate on the war and gun control could be settled by passing a new gun type of gun law.

On the streets of America Anyone caught with a unregistered gun should be sent to Sensitivity Training for their first offense. This training should be at least 30 days because it takes 30 days to form new habits. The training should be operated by the Marine Corps. There could be three different programs for the different age groups.

The training should include Gun Anatomy and first aid to gun shot victims. Now this may boil your blood to think of a 8 year old learning this but remember the terrorist are teaching their kids how to kill and become suicide bombers with hate messages against America.

America is already full of street gangs that recruit 8 year olds. So why not make these little bad asses learn the real scoop and how they may become a Marine or Naval Officer if they keep themselves out of trouble on the streets of America?

If a kid wants to fight, teach him/her how and let em fight but direct the energy towards protecting this country’s well being.

I suggest that the gun laws change to require 30 days of Sensitivity Training before being issued a gun card to every body who wants to own a gun. If you don’t pass the training you don’t get to own a gun!

This Sensitivity Training should be geared towards ethics of war, history of America’s wars and evidence that people don’t get right back up after being shot like in the video games. Along with education there should also be a rigorous workout 3 times of day and psyche analysis during this Sensitivity Training.

If the program is established and run by the military those kids might decide it is not their cup of tea to be playing soldier. The ones who think that they are interested should be given the option to sign up for longer sessions or make a career out of being an educator and or soldier.

In order to run such a program we need to bring our troops home. I suggest we work on securing our boarders and homeland. Make our Nation stronger and better at combat if combat is necessary.

Personally I’m a lover not a fighter however I am the mother of two boys. My eldest son will be 18 in two years making him eligible for the draft. If this war drags out we may need a draft. I don’t look forward to sticking a flag in his empty boot.

ibp_0087.jpgphoto by
Let me add that this problem applies to every American. I was working in New York on 9/11 and there wasn’t much booty tricking going on post 9/11. The last thing guys were looking for was a lap dance. Sometimes nursing skills are more practical.

So ladies of Mika’s Showgirl School, run to your nearest Certified Nursing Assistant program and prepare and learn to bandage, turn, fed and console because ours troops are eventually coming home. Some in a body bag others not quite whole. They may need help holding their gun.



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